April 26, 2023

#25 Creative entrepreneurship, business humour, social media habits and momentum ft. Alexis Gay (Founder & Standup Comedian)

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There’s been an infinite number of times I’ve spoken to people about how a career in comedy and building products are similar: a journey that involves so much iteration, craft, and attention to detail. And dealing with audiences day in and day out along with the market defining a hit of your work: how close can this get! Which is why TikTok, Instagram Reels, and a lot of social media content are going high on humour, both for the content and the tech creators who are the faces behind. So what exactly can we learn from building a thriving business out of humour, content, and technology? I can't contain my excitement—for I finally pulled in Alexis Gay (Creative Entrepreneur | Stand-up Comic | Podcaster) to sit down with me and discuss everything about creative entrepreneurship. Alexis and Aishwarya chatted about a bunch of themes—-transition from tech to comedy, why to be good at comedy (& business) you have to first be bad, how to shift the needle from ROI to enjoying the process, planning blocks of time as a creator and prepare a calendar, building consistency and momentum around work, acknowledging newer versions of yourself as a founder, working on viral comedy content, why it's important to be 'funny' than anything else, hard parts of today's creator apps and the gap left to address, and talking to world-renowned people on "Non Technical" podcast.


Tune in!