The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya Ashok is full of hallway conversations—the space where creators, founders, and builders look for all the foundational concepts and support to grow their ideas into products. Follow this show for all things Product, Ideas, Growth.

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Who is The Founder's Foyer for?

The target audience is early-stage founders, product thinkers, and tool builders, who are looking for guided motivation to navigate the stress, uncertainties, and challenges in their journey. Intended mainly at the early and growth stages, the conversations recorded in this show also provide best practices on how successful operators, creators, and VCs have helped others navigate these similar experiences. 


Why is it needed now?

Social media interviews, nuggets, and sessions have always focused on bringing out just ‘lessons to follow’ - like 5 tips from X, 10 ways to grow your business. Being specific is all good, but often these conversations lack the authenticity in helping fellow founders, who are balancing their hustle and looking for some support from their peer groups. 

The Founder’s Foyer is all about “Hey, I was there, I understand, this is how you do it” point of view. Every speaker will cover one unique aspect of their founder/operator journey, the share of ups-and-downs, and actionable insights they’ve personally experienced.