Sept. 27, 2022

Action plans, growth mindset, high performance, and entrepreneurship ft. Lisa Kostova, CareerClimb

Often as we build our products, we feel stuck and we are on the constant lookout for the next set of action plans. We seek some form of a structure to help us unblock challenges, understand the benchmark of the market we’re building for, as well as pave the way for personal success too. This conversation is all about that mindset to step forward, with so many practical examples to help us understand. 

Lisa Kostova is Founder of CareerClimb, a unique network and development platform for mid-career female professionals in technology, to help them ascend to the top of their field. Lisa spent a decade as VP and senior Product leader in Silicon Valley for a number of consumer and enterprise companies.

In this episode, Lisa and Aishwarya discuss what it takes to build career plans, stepping into the path of entrepreneurship, actionable growth roadmaps, stepping out of comfort zone, storytelling, and more.