Nov. 12, 2022

Building better software, running experiments, 'agile' mindset ft. Allen Holub, Software Architect

Building products is so much fun—at the same time, it’s equally exhausting and challenging with so many peers to work with, the market needs to look into, and a lot of processes to go by. While frameworks and techniques can be compelling to share, they are hard to standardize for different software teams and their cultures. So what are some ways to navigate these complexities and build better software?   

Allen Holub, an internationally recognized software architect and consultant, and Aishwarya recently chatted about the ways product teams can work on small experiments and ship things iteratively so there's value and impact. We spoke about a range of topics—adopting the 'agile' mindset, why it's misleading to think agile as a methodology, the pitfalls of processes in large orgs, how to operate as pods within large orgs, staying outcome focussed and user obsessed, thoughts against 'commitment' and 'accountability' in a team setup, and more. Tune in!