July 5, 2022

Building community & connections from ground-up ft. Nazuk Jain, Apple & Product Career

So you’ve got a great idea and you’ve been building out your initial version of the product. With a little bit of socializing around, you see that people are starting to gain interest in what you’re building—what next? Obviously, the thought of building a community is something that’ll definitely cross your mind. But building a community and engaging with your early believers calls for so much dedicated effort that needs to be consistent. This conversation is around making those connections and investing in a supportive community.

Nazuk Jain is a Product Manager at Apple. She’s also a creator who runs Product Career, a community with 30k+ people around all the social platforms, and she shares knowledge about early-career product management.


Nazuk talks to Aishwarya all about the ways in which creators and founders should find their niche and purpose, go on to set up that initial close circle of conversations, and practical ways to scale the community with context.