July 1, 2022

Building early-stage teams, company, and culture ft. Padmini Janaki, Mind and Mom

If building a startup is an arduous journey, finding the right people to grow with you is another mountain to climb. Ideas can meet product, but both of these need to meet the right team to live the vision. But how to find the folks who are as passionate as you in helping build great ideas? What should the benchmark be like? That’s exactly what we’ll navigate in today’s conversation about building teams and culture.

Joining Aishwarya today is Padmini Janaki, Co-Founder & CEO of Mind and Mom, a pregnancy welfare app. Padmini has formerly led product teams at PayPal and she recently represented TN at the World Economic Forum in Davos, with her Mind and Mom team. 

What we discuss:

- Finding the inner circle of advisors and supporters

- Importance of co-founder and how/why to find one

- Building the culture and values for your team

- Legal procedures and incorporation of a brand

- Things founders often miss out easily

- Representing Tamil Nadu and India at the World Economic Forum, Davos

- Growing a startup brand over the pandemic—the learnings and takeaways

- Importance of clear communication and candor