July 22, 2022

Creator, content economy, and building your voice ft. Grace Gong, Smart Venture Podcast

How to stay consistent with the inputs especially when your interests are versatile?

I loved chatting with Grace Gong on this topic, especially because she's been doing some amazing work with her podcast, sharing knowledge about crypto and web 3, as well as authoring two books.

A LinkedIn Top Voice for Finance and also an alum of LinkedIn for Creators program, she'd be the right person to share with us about how to get better at creating something.

I love her 1% better rule—trying to stay consistent and focusing on moving the needle each day by a little more.

We discuss about the creator economy, what it takes to learn consistently, why being curious and doubling down on strengths are important for building your voice; She also covers her author journey, sharing her takeaways from meeting and working with global CEOs and founders.