June 13, 2022

Discovering and validating early-stage ideas ft. Ravi Mehta, Scale

Discovering ideas is definitely an exciting phase—we wake up, walk around, and go to sleep thinking about the best ideas we can build for. But, what happens to all those ideas? Do we really have a tried and tested way to pick out just the right ones and get to implement them? I know that journey is super hard. And this conversation is all about discovering, analyzing, and validating the right ideas to work on.

Ravi Mehta chats with Aishwarya Ashok about building out early-stage ideas and validating assumptions in the best way. Ravi is the Co-founder and CEO of Scale, a platform that’s reinventing the way people learn and grow with the power of coaching. He was formerly the Chief Product Officer at Tinder, and led product teams at Meta, Xbox, and TripAdvisor.