Jan. 21, 2023

Founders journal: Habits & goals, focus paths, decision-making ft. Dr. Julie Gurner, Exec Performance Coach

With a new year setting in, most of us want to plan out our goals, look forward to high performance, and get ready to do our best form of work by either creating or shipping something live. As much as all the enthusiasm is intact, we’re sure we’d move past challenges, especially with decision making, doing the right/impactful activities, dealing with uncertainties and confusions. As founders and builders, channelizing our thoughts and plans becomes very important here, to get towards anything we look to achieve.    

Dr. Julie Gurner is all set to help us navigate our decisions, take a balanced mindset, and stay true to our goals. She is a doctor of psychology and executive performance coach with nearly a decade of experience working with some of the world’s top tech and finance executives and teams.

Dr. Julie & Aishwarya chat all about setting goals, narrowing down on focus paths, facing competition in the markets, growing into new habits and opportunities, doubling down on strengths, playing the confidence game among different stakeholders, trusting the gut, and more. Tune in!