Dec. 9, 2022

Launching 0-1 products, founders and fundraising, thinking in first principles ft. Aarthi Ramamurthy, Product Advisor | Founder | Host @ Good Time Show

Becoming a first-time founder is definitely fun, challenging, and more than anything a roller-coaster ride. Whether it’s transitioning from being an operator or scaling up a side project to something big, the energy and focus are unparalleled. So, what’s it like to hit the start button for foundership? What are the things to keep in mind, trade-offs to handle during decisions, and uncertainties to wade through?  

Aarthi Ramamurthy is an entrepreneur, creator, product advisor, and a bearer of so many other hats. Aarthi runs the Good Time Show along with her partner Sriram, and she formerly led product teams at Clubhouse, Netflix, Facebook, and Microsoft, while also co-founding two amazing startups.   

Aarthi and Aishwarya chat all things about building early-stage products—Aarthi's journey into Silicon Valley, working at Netflix in its early days, strategy behind putting the red Netflix button to the remote ;), transitioning to becoming a founder, co-founding two startups (top 25 in the Valley), thinking in bets, setting up and running a team, creating content with Good Time Show, and more. Tune in!