July 29, 2022

Product growth and scaling for founders/builders ft. Casey Winters, Eventbrite (Ex- Pinterest & GrubHub)

As soon as you put your product out in the market, the one major question that gets to you from literally everyone around is - how’s your product growing.

“What’s your growth strategy?”
“Does your product have network effects”
“Did you get more leads or was all the money spent in ads gone to drain?”

There’s no end to the list of such discussions we often get pulled into as we’re building our product. But before all of what, what exactly is growth? How do you measure it?

What’s the fundamental concept of product, sales, growth, and the way they tie in together to help scale and make revenue.

Casey Winters (CPO, Eventbrite | Ex- Growth Lead, Pinterest & GrubHub) and Aishwarya chat all about growth and scaling for products. We specially went into the details of why 'growth' often gets paired with the term 'hacking' and what's the actual route to growing early-stage products. We also discuss about types of growth, why monetization is a part of growth and importantly product/market fit, what mistakes startups usually make, and more...