July 15, 2022

Product positioning and storytelling for founders and builders ft. April Dunford, Obviously Awesome

So your product is now launched and it's out for customers to try. You know it’s awesome, but do you know whether they know? How do you ensure your potential buyers understand the value you’re providing; do they care? Often we hear about go-to market strategy—but before all that, what should you do to ensure your target customers know your secret sauce? Here’s someone, the ONLY one, who has all the lessons to teach us how to position a product!

April Dunford is the author of the most-famous book on tech product positioning - Obviously Awesome. She’s an executive consultant and speaker who formerly led product, sales, and marketing teams across many startups (now bigger companies) as their VP of Marketing and currently helps technology companies make complicated products easy for customers.

April talks to Aishwarya about the foundations of product positioning, what weak and strong positioning looks like, why building the positioning is a team activity, when is the right time to back up on trends and when it's not, why founders need to segment their target market, and a lot more. So many fun examples and frameworks to refer to from the conversation—tune in!