Aug. 26, 2022

Product–founder–channel market fit, launching 0–1 products ft. Emily Tate, Mind the Product

Launching the product you build involves massive effort—not just in terms of shipping, but also figuring out the ways in which your audience finds satisfaction with your product. Do they find value? Of course, it’s important to align your product with the market, especially with the right problems to be solved. And this conversation is all around product, market, channels, and how to achieve a fit across all of those.

Emily Tate is Managing Director for Mind the Product, world’s largest community of passionate product people. Emily brings nearly 15 years of product experience and is focused on the craft of product management; She loves talking about new ways to make products that people love.

Emily and Aishwarya discuss about how the product management and product building landscape has changed in the last 20 years, how founders should think beyond product/market fit, what customer channels could teach us, how to effectively tune in for customer feedback, things you shouldn't do as a new founder, and so much more. Listen now!