May 11, 2023

#26 Large language models, AI applications, open source, future of AI ft. Travis Fischer (AI researcher & Entrepreneur)

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If there’s one phrase that’s ruling all of our social media experiences today, it’s Open AI’s GPT. It’s amazing to see the wonders of large language models kick in with everyday user experience, and the best part is that we’re only getting started. Beyond exposing ourselves to the numerous tools that spin out of AI, we as builders really got to dig deeper into understanding what this phase of tech advancement could mean from the lens of open source computing, ethical tech, personification, user generated content, API layers, and co-creation. Travis Fischer, AI researcher, entrepreneur & software developer has been working in the open source space for nearly a decade, with previous stints at Microsoft & Amazon. Travis has built a bunch of Open AI based projects, and loves working towards Passion Economy, about building products that will help enable a more independent and fulfilling future of work.


Travis and Aishwarya discuss about his journey from corporate to open source development, striving to create value and perseverance in the long game , balancing creative pursuits with monetization, using community as a leverage to upskill, understanding the challenges in passion economy, navigating the platform risk of where your work is displayed.


They also go in depth about AI—Personification, LLMs, and AI; Artificial generative intelligence: Are we nearing it?, AI as a foundational application layer, experimenting with opportunities in the AI playground; AI, boundaries, and ethics: Where are we headed at?, The boons and consequences of the AI play, what's in the AI game for open source devs?, AI as a copilot with all forms of works