March 19, 2023

Cognitive science, AI algorithms, augmenting founder creativity ft. Alice Albrecht, AI Researcher & Founder

What’s the best way to unlock creativity? Does our mind have the power to process so many thoughts and references? How does AI help in creating, building, and sharing ideas as founders and creators? Some of these questions are deep enough, but there’s a common line that connects them all—the power of cognition and how computers can be trained to augment that science behind. Alice Albrecht is a founder building something cool in the AI space. She did a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Yale and then spent 10 years researching AI before starting up to solve challenges in human creativity and knowledge.


Alice and Aishwarya chatted all about cognitive neuroscience and the way it's associated with augmenting creativity:

Getting started with the neuroscience space and entering tech, what does it mean to augment creativity, challenges in building tools for knowledge workers & creators, why humans are obsessed with tools over the creativity process, the effect of AI algorithms on attention span, keeping users' consciousness in mind while building products, concepts and cognitive theories that Alice is fascinated with, and the future of AI space with the role of ethical tech