June 21, 2022

Foyer Feature: How to build a product community movement ft. Felix Lee & ADPList

#FoyerFeature—a section that completely focuses on a particular project and how the founder created an impact with it. We’ll be discussing all about their journey, the way they come up with creative ideas, and patterns they follow to learn and shine through.

Kicking off the first feature is someone special, who had a mission of democratizing mentorship—and, he actually went on to do that with his project-turned-venture. Let’s say hello to Felix Lee, Co-Founder of ADPList, a platform and community that helps everyone learn and grow with the help of world class mentors.

Felix chats with Aishwarya about all things Awesome Design People List aka ADPList—the base idea, the way he built the team with people from across different countries, how a community of mentors came along, designer-to-founder journey, challenges in being a creator, and more.