Oct. 19, 2022

Remote work, setting team culture, the 'work forward' approach ft. Marissa Goldberg, Remote Work Prep

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If there’s one phrase we’ve heard over a thousand times in the last two years is — remote work. Or say hybrid work. From building and iterating on ideas by pulling out chairs, to virtually looking at each other’s faces on tiles—we’ve done it all. But there’s a whole lot of stuff to think about working with folks across different geographies, time zones, interests. And so many questions to keep us seeking for answers.

Marissa Goldberg is the Founder of Remote Work Prep, a platform that provides services to help teams set up an effective remote work experience. Marissa has been working remotely since 2015 and has managed distributed product team members across 20+ countries.

Marissa and Aishwarya chat everything about how remote work, the effect of pandemic in shaping hybrid-remote work cultures, the 'physicality' of team-building activities and how to keep up with times, work-forward approach, high performance management, and more.